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Terry McDonald
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Broker, Owner McDonald Group @ Wilkinson ERA NC and SC
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I joined Wilkinson and Associates in 2004, then a firm of under 30 Agents. I quickly became one of their top Brokers in 2005, and beginning in 2006, I was the Top Broker or Top 5 for the next 7 years. Wilkinson joined with ERA in 2012, and it has been a great addition, adding national and international relocation for our Sellers. In 2013 I was in the top 2% of all ERA agents worldwide. 

I sold my first $1M of homes on a new home site in Germantown MD when I was a junior in college just before my 21st birthday.  I graduated from University of MD' s Smith School of business and pursued a professional sales career.  However I would come back to building within a few year, partnering, then branching into my own business for the next 20 years.

The McDonald Group is a small team of dedicated agents determined to do real estate in a different way- one built on integrity, market expertise, and on the relationship of counselor, agent integrity that includes a fiduciary relationship that requires we put our Clients interests above all others, not some of the time but all of the time. In today's market if we are representing Sellers or Buyers, it has never been more crucial to our Client's interest to know the market at hand, the velocity of the market, the all the local conditions. And to know they have a pro quarterback on their team. This is why we invest so much time and energy in training, market development and the real estate side of CharlotteCommunitiesOnline.com.

In all cases we take our lead from our Buyer or Seller clients. For me as an agent, when I think of home buyers, I strongly believe in the power of community. Often times Buyers need to make compromises in their wish list for a house- I believe strongly to do your best to bet in the best neighborhood, and if you need to make a compromise, then let it be in the house, because houses can be changed, but neighborhoods can't be changed.  Great communities make for happy clients and aren't bad for the real estate either. 

For Sellers, we have some of the most advanced marketing programs in the world today. We have the ability to target buyers like never before- when we combine this with a good house, with our complimentary staging consult, and professional photos, we make our Listings sing. And they sell. Fast!  

Be sure and contact me directly with your real estate questions or concerns, at 704-390-6221