Lynn Nelson, CRS, Broker, Realtor NC & SC

Lynn Nelson

CRS, Broker, Realtor NC & SC

(704) 756-3717 (Direct)

In Real Estate Since 1987 - Realtor in NC & SC Since 2000

About Lynn Nelson

Being the best Realtor® for you is all about being your 100%
Advocate! Guide, Champion, Concierge, Strategist,
Proponent, Backer,
Intercessor, Educator, and even Quarterback are all synonymous with being the
best Realtor®.
 I’ve been in Real Estate (Commercial
Development) since 1987, and a Realtor® in the Carolinas since
  I’ve worked with 100s of clients since
2000, dedicating myself to exceptional client representation that only a highly
experienced Realtor® can provide you.
use the terms Realtor® and real estate agent interchangeably, but that is
incorrect. There are significant differences between Realtors® and Real Estate
Agents, and they are not the same. As a Realtors®, I adhere and subscribe to
the Realtor® Code of Ethics.

There are many reasons to choose me as the Realtor® to
have close by your side. With my years of experience, I know that every transaction
has its own nuances and I’m intimately knowledgeable from both seller’s or buyer’s
  I believe that it’s vital
to choose a Realtor® who is equally experienced representing sellers and buyers.
  I’ve successfully closed 100s of
transactions, providing my valuable insight to both buyers and sellers.

For Sellers: 

Because I actively serve and help many home purchasers, I
instinctively know what’s going on inside a buyer’s mind.
  Therefore, as your seller’s strategist, I’m
keenly aware of what’s important and what’s not, especially when it comes to
unnecessary repairs or improvements!
importantly, I truly enjoy the art of negotiation, and I will confidently work
with any buyer or buyer’s agent in order to make the sale of your home a much
more profitable, pleasant and less stressful experience.

I also bring the seller a full toolbox of every available
state-of-the-art technology, marketing web sites and social media.
  Your listing can propagate into thousands of
real estate sites, giving it the highest and best visibility.
  I also bring you a myriad of seller services
through my Wilkinson ERA Real Estate affiliation, including the exclusive
luxury estate program. I’m a high level techie and am expert at creatively marketing
your home, giving you the highest level of market exposure available.

For Buyers:

I am not just a buyer’s representative. Because my
experience is well balanced between buyers and sellers, I pride myself on
knowing how a seller operates, and my experience is absolutely invaluable to
any buyer I represent.
  First and foremost
I’ll educate you and provide you with all the comps and information you need to
avoid emotional buying and mistakes.
exciting as house hunting can be, it’s my job to act as your quarterback and to
remove the emotion and substitute sound research and intelligent decision
making. My singular mission is to be the Realtor® advocate you deserve and
educate you through a myriad of listings, options and opportunities.
 This is why I’ve been entrusted by several
national executive relocation companies to exclusively serve their relocating
executives and their families.

It is essential to me that every buyer is aware of every
financial funding and grant program available, especially first time home
buyers, seniors, veterans, teachers and local civil service heroes.
  Through my network of expert mortgage professionals,
I make certain your decisions are firmly centered and focused on your budget,
never loosing focus of your best financial interests.
  This is the first step in any buying process,
first and foremost, before we schedule any showing.
  It is my obligation to you, and I make certain
you are properly advised and qualified by a lending professional before the
buying process begins so that you we can make your ultimate decision and the
smartest home purchase.

For Sellers and Buyers: 

It goes without saying that I have had to earn the privilege
to become a Realtor® and a member of the National Association of Realtors®,
since 2000.
  I first started in
Commercial Real Estate Development in 1987. Today, as a Realtor®, I adhere to
the highest level of integrity, and I fully subscribe to the Realtor® Code of

Working for you objectively is the key to your successful
real estate transaction.
  My job is to
remove your stress and emotion and substitute my sound research and intelligent
decision making.
  Not every deal is
cut-and-dried, and I’m trained and experienced and know how to handle the evolving
landscape of any transaction.
  I will act
as your guide, capable of navigating you through to a successful, less
stressful and fruitful transaction.

My market awareness is exceptional.  I will provide you with the most extensive
neighborhood analysis, including comparables and sold data.
  It is my duty to inform you about the most
current market fluctuations and possible future events, like major road construction,
new commercial construction, future rezoning, school assignments, etc.
  Buying or selling, this information is
crucial to any decision you would be making. If I don’t know the answer, I can
assure you that I will find out what it is.
Having the right data and information is the key to how I serve my

You’ll have a vast network of skilled professionals
behind you, when you select me as your Realtor®.
  Through every step of the buying or selling
process, you will need to also rely on the very best professional resources
  I am blessed by such a
network of professionals.
  There will be
no aspect of your buying or selling process where you won’t have access to the
best professionals in the business; attorneys, mortgage lenders, home
inspectors, handy men, builders, general contractors, etc.  Many of my former
clients continue to call on me years after their transaction, like a concierge.  They ask for my advice and referrals, because they know I’ll always lead them in the right

Lastly, I am honored that you would consider me to become your
Realtor®.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to make a lasting commitment to serve
you and the pleasure of knowing you and your family for years to come.

Contact Lynn

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Wilkinson ERA
10706 Sikes Place Charlotte, NC 28277

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NRDS# 554007323, CMLS# 98048



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